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Cioppino House Wines
Oregon, California, & Washington

Cold Drinks
Pepsi Cola 3 
7-UP 3 
Pure Leaf Ice Tea 3 

Cafeto Coffee, Glenwood Blend 3 
Cafeto Coffee, Decaf French Roast 3 

Craft Beers 
By the Bottle (12 oz)

Pelican, Kiwanda Cream Ale (OR) 4
Ninkasi, Total Domination, India Pale Ale (OR) 4
North Coast, Old Rasputin Imperial Stout (CA) 4

Wines By the Glass 

Sparkling & Dessert 
Prosecco, Pasqua (ITY) 9
Port, 10 Years Old Tawny, Burmester(PRT) 6  

Riesling (Dry), Holloran ‘12 (OR) 8/29 
Pinot Blanc, Camp Creek Cellars ‘13 (OR) 8/26 
Pinot Gris, Carabella ‘13 (OR) 8/30 
Gewürztraminer, David Hill ‘12 (OR) 9/34 
Rose’of Tempranillo, Camp Creek Cellars ’14 8/30 
Chardonnay, McManis ‘13 (CA) 7/25

Pinot Noir "The Craftsman”, Mitchell ’12 (OR) 8/30 
Montepulciano d‘Abruzzo, LaQuercia ‘12 (ITY) 7/25 
Tempranillo, Castillo de Feliciana ‘12 (WA) 8/30 
Syrah, McManis ’13 (CA) 7/25 
Merlot, Andrew Rich '11 (OR) 9/35 
Zinfandel, Easton ‘12 (CA) 8/31 
Cabernet Sauvignon, McManis (CA) 8/30
Cabernet Sauvignon, Bon Anno '13 (CA) 9/35
By the Bottle 

Blanquette de Limoux, Domaine Rosier (ITY) 25
Moscato d'Asti “Sourgal”, Elio Perrone (ITY) 18/27

Pinot Gris, Silvan Ridge ‘13 (OR) 25
Chardonnay, C`a del Baio ‘14 (ITY) 27

Pinot Noir, Elizabeth Chambers Cellars ‘12 (OR) 50
Pinot Noir, (Thea’s Selection), Lemelson ‘12 (OR) 53
Syrah, Camp Creek Cellars ‘13 (OR) 42
Mesalliance (Blend), Andrew Rich ‘10 (WA) 43
Redside (blend), Camp Creek Cellars ’13 46
Cabernet Sauvignon, Twenty Rows ‘13 (CA) 42

At Cioppino House We take pride in our wide selection of quality wines at reasonable prices. Chosen from boutique distributors and small batch wine makers, we have personal tasted and selected West Coast wines that we love and know you will too.